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Pavilion Reservation



Day Use Area

Pavilion Reservation

The large pavilion at the center of the Day Use Area is open to all visitors and can be used to host events throughout the week. Normally, the pavilion is ‘first-come-first-serve’ and there is no fee to use the pavilion. However, we do allow visitors to reserve the pavilion for specific times to ensure that it will be available for their event. This is usually used by schools, extended family picnics, or other large groups.

When a pavilion is reserved, the group with the reservation take priority. Bison Range Staff will put out signs to let other visitors know what time the pavilion will be rented and ask any other groups to move to another section of the Day Use Area, if they have not already done so. After a group’s reservation time is finished, they are welcome to stay and continue using the pavilion unless another group has reserved it after them.

The reservation fee is in addition to a day or annual pass and all guests of the event must have a pass for their vehicles, unless they are CSKT tribal member.

Reservation Fees


If you have any additional questions about the Pavilion Reservation, please email or call 406-644-2211 ex. 207