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Bison Range Volunteer



Volunteer with us!

Volunteer Mission Statement

As a wildlife refuge under the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, the Bison Range’s mission is to preserve the cultural relationship between the tribe and the bison herd, protect our native ecosystems, and educate the public about the importance of wildlife conservation. Our vision is to install a deeper understanding of environmental stewardship in future generations.

Core Values

The Bison Range values integrity, accountability, respect, and creativity. We strive to maintain the highest standard of professionalism. All Bison Range team members hold themselves accountable for the quality of their work and their behavior while on the job. Diversity and creativity are crucial for the Bison Range to bring in a range of unique perspectives, innovations, and possibilities. We celebrate and encourage all members of the Bison Range team and treat them with respect.

Purpose of Volunteer Program

The purpose of the Bison Range Volunteer program is to give opportunities to the public to get involved with wildlife conservation and learn valuable skills. Inviting volunteers to join the Bison Range team not only helps improve our operations but also allows us to deepen our relationship with local communities. It is incredibly important to the Bison Range to be welcoming to all volunteers and treat them with respect and appreciation.

Event Support

Volunteering for events is a one-time volunteering assignment. Event Volunteers provide additional on-the-ground support to help keep things running smoothly.

Project Support

Project volunteering is for the duration of one project, for as long as that project or that volunteer wishes to continue.

As new projects and events become available on the Bison Range, volunteers will have the opportunity to be invited to join in based on their interests, skills, or time availability. If you have any questions about our volunteer on-boarding process, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Emily Rohrlach at emily.rohrlach@cskt.org



Hello everyone! To get ready for our upcoming summer season, we will be closing parts of Prairie Drive for culvert repairs, starting on Monday, 03/25/24. The first 3 miles of the scenic drive will remain open, with sections opening up farther down as they are finished. As always, please be sure to call 406-644-2211 at least one hour before you plan to arrive for road and weather conditions. You can also email us at BisonRange@cskt.org for any questions.”