Bison Range Restoration

Bison Range Information & Hours of Operation

Bison Range Information & Hours of Operation

The Séliš, Qlispé, and Ksanka people warmly welcome you to the Bison Range, and we hope you enjoy your visit!

Hours of Operation

Day Pass Price: $10 per vehicle

Annual Pass Price: $20 per vehicle (expires at the end of the calendar year)

CSKT Tribal Members are FREE

Gate Hours: 7am-8pm

Visitor Center (Museum/Gift shop): 7am-7pm

Red Sleep Drive: 7am-last drive allowed @ 6pm

Buffalo Prairie Drive: 7am-last drive allowed @ 7pm


Due to winter weather, our opening hours may vary. Please call ahead at least one hour before your expected arrival to receive updates on road conditions and changes in hours. You can also find general weather updates on our Facebook.  In the event that you cannot reach someone, please email us at, Monday through Friday, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Contact Information

Bison Range: (406) 644-2211 x207
CSKT Natural Resources Department: (406) 883-2888


58355 Bison Range Rd
Moiese, Mt 59824

Visitor Information

  • The Bison Range is a pay-to-enter, fee-use area only. Visitors are to report to Visitors’ Center to pay for access. The CSKT Conservation Permit does not allow access to the Bison Range.
  • Carrying, possessing, or discharging firearms, fireworks, or explosives is prohibited. The use or possession of cross bows, bows and arrows, air guns, spears, gigs, or other weapons is prohibited.
  • Disturbing, injuring, spearing, poisoning, destroying, collecting or attempting to disturb, destroy or collect any plant, animal (parts like antlers) is prohibited.
  • Engaging in hunting activities is prohibited.
  • The Bison Range is open during daylight hours only, weather and road conditions permitting. Closing times vary seasonally and will be posted. It is unlawful to enter areas that are posted closed or gated closed unless authorized.
  • The use of motorized vehicles off designated open roads is prohibited.
  • Walking away from vehicles is allowable only along designated trails, picnic areas, sanitation stations, and fishing areas. Please remain at your vehicle for your safety.
  • Vehicles over 30 feet long and those towing trailers, along with motorcycles, ATVs, and bicycles are not allowed on Red Sleep or Prairie Drive.
  • All passengers must be seated inside enclosed passenger vehicles while the vehicle is in motion. Passengers riding in the bed of a pickup vehicle is prohibited.
  • Stopping to view animals is allowed on the auto tour drives, as long as traffic is not impeded.
  • It is prohibited to approach animals at all times. Persons must remain at least 100 yards (91 m) away from bears, wolves, and mountain lions, and at least 25 yards (23 meters) away from all other animals including bison, deer and elk.
  • All pets must be on a leash and under control at all times within the Bison Range. Please be respectful & pick up after your pet. The use of drones is prohibited unless authorized by Tribal Council special permitting.

A History of Conservation

The Tribes have always been good stewards of the land. We maintain the most stringent air quality standard available through the EPA. We established the nation’s first Tribal Wilderness. We have set aside tens of thousands of acres as grizzly bear, elk, and bighorn sheep conservation areas. We have re-established populations of trumpeter swans and peregrine falcons. We are working toward restoring leopard frogs.  Our efforts to restore the Jocko River and our acquisition and restoration of fish and wildlife habitat are models cited nationwide. And our focus on conservation is not new. Tribal members were directly involved in saving the bison as a viable wildlife species, and we will carry on for the generations yet to come our ancient relationship of respect and reverence for qweyqwáy.

Xest Sxlxalt, Kiʾsuʾk kyukyit! – good day!

Bison Range Map